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I think my Crazy-Sweet personalized limerick penned especially for me by the very lovely Sonja (Sbertie here on LJ) really says all there is to say about me.

There once was a girl named Michelle,
In American Fork did she dwell,
Friendly and kind,
She needs to unwind,
'Cause as a mother, she has to outyell.

(Actually, I'm not much of a yeller except at basketball and lacrosse games, but that's a'ight! Don't you wish you had a limerick too? I think the world would be a much happier place if everyone had their own limerick.)

And for my softer side, my haiku, also authored by Lovely Sonja

Kinds words drop from her
Gifting smiles to those she meets
Treasures are true friends

Isn't that nice? :)

Anyway, my life is fascinating to me, but not very interesting on paper, so I don't talk a lot about myself, but I love making friends and reading about their lives, so feel free to friend me if you think we have any interests in common.